Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Home Loan: The facts you need to know about

A home of your Dream is the beginning of your story, the story of togetherness, the story of warm relationships, and millions memorable movements. If you dream but unable to craft reality, this is the best time to opt for a home loan. Nowadays, government of India has made several norms to ease the procedure of taking Home Loans. Many flexible norms have been filed by RBI and in this way financial institutions are offering /invoking for attractive home loans. In the same segment, Loanshop India has come into existence for your needs of easy home loans with comfort of simple & secure procedures. 

As a quite isolated body for providing Property Loans along with proper advisory, Loan Shop India directs the buyers regarding the facts about Home Loans. It says, you should keep in mind that the decision for taking a home loan is most important in one’s personal life which to be paid for a long period of time. This is why we exist to render proper examination, reexamination, and research & analysis. Such decision of taking home loan is going to be your life’s most useful tool, which fulfills the dream of owning a home. But at the same time, it can put you in struggle for repayment of loan if you don’t analyze your future expenses/income properly through proper channel. Loanshop India has brought some facts and figures (an indicative one) for helping in taking better and healthy decision over Home Loans as well as to get you introduced with many aspects of Home Loans:

Interest Rates

The rate of interest to be paid against your home loan depends of the firms which can be disclosed in your loan proposal form.

Tenure of Home Loans

This is your chosen number of EMI want to repay, which could be vary from 1 to 30 years.

Documents required for Home Loans

Know the paper works and requirement for:

For Salaried Professionals
For Self Employed Professionals
For Self Employed Non Professionals

Processing Charges of Home Loans

There should be transparency of charged taken on behalf of Home Loan Approval and Closure.

Other Factors Associated with Home Loans

There are several other conditional facts that vary from person to person and their profession too.

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